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Read online Sur les traces d'Abraham Ulrikab: les évenements de 1880-1881.pdf PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC Sur les traces d'Abraham Ulrikab: les évenements de 1880-1881 In August Abraham and seven other Inuit aged from months to years old were recruited by Norwegian Johan Adrian Jacobsen to become the latest exotic attraction in Carl Hagenbeck s ethnographic shows The group was exhibited in zoos in Hamburg Berlin Prague Frankfurt Darmstadt Krefeld and Paris Soon the Inuit realized their coming to Europe was a mistake and they longed to return home to Labrador Sadly none of them did all eight having been killed by smallpox less than four months after setting foot in Europe Three of them died in Germany The remaining five including Abraham Ulrikab died in Paris .

Abraham was literate and kept a diary So did Johan Adrian Jacobsen Even though both diaries survived to this day the story remained incomplete In France Rivet s reading of the English translation of Abraham s diary left her with many unanswered questions Where were the Inuit buried What happened to their remains Where was the skullcap of one of the Inuit that Jacobsen took after the autopsy and carried wrapped in his luggage all the way to Paris Were the artefacts Jacobsen collected in Labrador graves and later sold to a Paris museum still in Paris Nobody knew Intrigued and French being her mother tongue in France set out to look for answers The more she dug the more riveting the story became and totally unsuspected facets emerged .

Four years and three research trips to Europe later the book i In the Footsteps of Abraham Ulrikab i reveals her findings At last years after the death of Abraham Maria Nuggasak Paingu Tigianniak Tobias Sara and Ulrike the events that unfolded in Paris are finally elucidated and even more extraordinarily this research has brought to light an opportunity to change the course of Abraham s story Indeed his expressed wish to come home to Labrador could eventually become a reality His remains having been located in Paris along with those of his wife Ulrike their daughter Maria young Tobias and the shaman Tigianniak .

i I do not long for earthly possessions but this is what I long for to see my relatives again who are over there i Abraham January .

It is our dearest hope that this book will provide the Labrador Inuit community with all the information they require to initiate the yet to be written chapter where they will make the decision to repatriate or not the remains of their countrymen The publication of this book is therefore seen as the catalyst for that decision making process May it lead them to eventually closing the loop on this tragic story by France Rivet

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