Read online books Actus Reus and Participation in European Criminal Law [ePub / PDF]

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Read online Actus Reus and Participation in European Criminal Law.pdf PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC Actus Reus and Participation in European Criminal Law With the coming into force of the Treaty of Lisbon the competences of the European Union in the realm of criminal law have greatly expanded The EU in a multitude of legislative instruments requires its Member States to criminalize a big variety of harmful conducts However the criminal law legislation of the EU has so far almost exclusively focused on specific criminal offenses and has failed to develop and define general principles of criminal law The EU frequently refers to conduct attempt and participation in its legislation but fails to determine what these concepts should denote As a result the scope of European criminal law may differ among European countries as Member States will apply their national doctrines to European legislation This book steps into this lacuna by establishing what actus reus and rules on participation should look like in European criminal law In addition it investigates inchoate offenses and corporate criminal liability How should the doctrines of conduct omission and causation be defined How to attribute liability in case several people cooperate to bring about a criminal result What should preparing and attempting a crime denote in European criminal law and how can corporations best be held responsible for the harm they have caused To answer these questions this book distills common general principles on actus reus participation inchoate and corporate liability from the national criminal justice systems of the Member States as well as from EU law These results are subsequently merged into coherent principles of European criminal law The author Dr Johannes Keiler was awarded the prestigious criminal law Modderman Prize for this book in Series School of Human Rights Research Vol by Johannes Keiler

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