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Title:No Buttons Or Beaux
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Number of Pages:176

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Go back in time to Virginia s age of tall ships across the turn of the century and through the victory of World War I in four romantic novels

Gastrointestinal Drug Therapy in the Elderly

Gastrointestinal Drug Therapy in the Elderly

If you re a pharmacist nurse or physician involved in caring for elderly patients you ll definitely want to take advantage of the concise review of the most important drugs for gastrointestinal problems in Gastrointestinal Drug Therapy in the Elderly Compact clear and concise this new volume will give you vital information concerning drug therapy for the elderly as presented by some of the world s most authoritative qualified professionals Your knowlege of effective drug therapies will expand and you ll find new avenues of application for your treatment methods Gastrointestinal Drug Therapy in the Elderly brings out your practical side giving you method after method for dealing with the gastrointestinal maladies of elderly patients Its scope is broad and contemporary covering everything from gastroesophageal reflux disease to peptic ulcers from inflammatory bowel disease to constipation and diarrhea Specifically you ll get pragmatic guidance in the following areas br heartburn causes and treatments br gastritis and peptic ulcers br inflammatory bowel disease br case studies of drug effects on the gastrointestinal tractYou ll also receive in this useful volume a review of basic pathophysiology and the effects of drugs on the GI tract Filled with useful case studies and recent findings on drug use Gastrointestinal Drug Therapy in the Elderly is your guide to practicality and heightened success in the treatment of persistent gastrointestinal problems in your elderly patients

Recent Advances in Phytochemistry, Volume 19: Chemically Mediated Interactions Between Plants and Other Organisms

Recent Advances in Phytochemistry Volume Chemically Mediated Interactions Between Plants and Other Organisms

Chemical warfare between plants and their herbivores and pathogens was first brought to our attention by the publication years ago of the paper by Fraenkel in Science There he pointed out that most plants have similar nutritional characteristics so that the selection of plants by insect herbivores must depend on the relative toxicity of secondary compounds This led rather gradually to a host of papers on plant herbivore interactions More or less at the same time insect physiologists and ecologists were starting to realise the importance of chemical communi cation systems in determining sexual and other characteristics of insect behaviour Nine years ago the Phytochemical Society of North America published their Symposium on Biochemical Interaction Between Plants and Insects in which the plant apparency theory was expounded by both Paul Feeny and Rex Cates and David Rhoades This stated that plants which are apparent usually contain secondary components which reduce digestibility tannins and lignins while ephemeral plants have more toxic and perhaps less costly compounds such as alkaloids These papers stimulated much research on biochemical ecology The recognition of the importance of the biochemical factors in such interactions is not just of scientific interest It is vitally important in programs for the production of new varieties of cultivated plants especially in tropical countries where about one third or more of the crops are lost to predation or disease

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April Chance needs help She has no idea how to be courted but Peter MacPherson aims to teach her April thinks Peter is just being brotherly but he has a mind to win her heart and start a family of their own Will she ever believe she s much more than cooking skills and an ample waistline By the time she realizes her feelings for Peter will it be too late Kate Chance has never been overly feminine But the newest ranch hand Matt Salter has her feeling downright ladylike As her heart realizes the truth of her feelings for him his secret assignment in Reliable is discovered and threatens to destroy her fragile trust and hope for love Could the Lord have plans to decorate the lives of two exceptional women with the love they least expect No Buttons Or Beaux books by Cathy Marie Hake

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